Have you been nominated? Did your choice for Best of Oregon City win an award? Mark your calendars and purchase tickets now! 

It's Not to Late to Become a Patron of Best of Oregon City

Help us make "Best Of" an Oregon City tradition!! Best of Oregon City™ is an ambitious collaboration between nonprofits Downtown Oregon City Association and the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce. Funding for the Best of Oregon City™ is entirely community driven, supported by individuals and businesses. The committee needs to raise approximately $8,000 before to ensure the success of the event and to help ensure that the promotion and event becomes a tradition that Oregon City can be proud of for generations to come.

Patrons are acknowledged by:

  • Recognition of donation at awards ceremony and in the magazine. 25,000 copies of the magazine will be produced. 15,000 will be mailed to Oregon City addresses. 10,000 will be distributed throughout the year.
  • Guaranteed copy of Best of Oregon City magazine delivered in the mail. If you wish to receive a copy in the mail and are outside the central mailing routes of Oregon City, you will need to become a patron or visit an affiliated business to obtain a copy of the magazine.
Become a Patron of Best of Oregon City